Get print from just 1 piece!


- Order custom UV printing with any shape or size.

- Get free design and modeling.

- Fast printing and not require quantity.

in uv
công nghệ in
in uv trên gỗ
Print on Wood
in uv trên kim loại
Print on Metal
in uv trên kính
Print on Glass
in uv trên nhựa
Print on Plastic
in uv trên mica
Print on Mica
in uv trên ốp lưng
Print on Phonecase

Why you should choose custom uv printing services at Kim Concept?

Kim could helps you print UV with any material, shape or size and most importantly, you don’t need to print in large quantities. If you don’t have the design, we’ve a designer team to assist you, and when your files aren’t pass for that, we’ll also help you to complete it.
Our printing UV technologies are premium waterproof and can be used outdoor with less fading, and most importantly, we print and manufacture using 100% Japanese printing technology (from printers to the ink).
FAQs when ordering custom uv printing at Kim Concept ?
What is custom UV printing?
UV printing on any surface of the material is a modern digital color printing method, direct inkjet printing on the surface of the material with UV ink. When the ink touches the surface of the material, the UV lamp designed closely behind will immediately dry the ink with ultraviolet rays.
How long is the printing time when printing UV?
Depending on the product and printing materials Kim will evaluate and tell you exactly when ordering, usually orders will be processed in 1 to 2 days depending on quantity and printing style.
What material can you print with UV printer?
UV printing is usually able to print on all materials such as wood, glass, metal, aluminum, plastic, mica and even bricks and stones, so the application is very rich.
What is your minimum order quantity?
We do not ask for the quantity when you order. If you order more, the price will be better and more economical for you.
Does Kim support file editing?
Yes. If you need to edit the file, our design team will help you to adjust and make your best product.
Is there a fee for design from scratch?
With simple designs we will do it for you for free, but if you need more professional and complexity we will charge a small design fee on request. In addition, we also free design fee if the order is large.
Does UV printing have peeling?
Usually after printing, there will be very hard peeling, because the ink adhere very tightly to the surface and is very hard to limit the influence of the environment and external forces.
Are UV printing products durable?
The products printed with UV color ink are extremely durable and very hard fading over time, the average life expectancy of UV printing products is about 10 years.
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